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How I Work Creative Blocks

This is a general overview of my approach to projects and people.


I request that all clients share their full names, snail mail address and a land phone number in the event that I have to send my goon squad to collect on unpaid invoices. (Fortunately, to date, the squad has only had a couple of assignments.)

Once we "ink a deal," I'll let you know where you and your squad can reach me.


I tend to be on the go throughout the day and can be hard to reach except by prior arrangement, so I prefer to communicate through my "special mailbox."

Once you select me for an assignment, I'll share the details


I’m always happy to schedule time to speak by phone, of course, and an "introductory call" is often valuable for me to "get a feel" for new clients.

I work around-the-clock to serve clients around the world, and I would be happy (within reason) to extend my workday based on your time zone.

Note: Phone calls running 15 minutes or more fall under the range of "consulting" and are billed as follows at $20 per 15-minute block. (This is usually applicable to web-content-from-scratch products)


I accept files and work in MS Word Document, Excel spreadsheets, and .txt formats only. I can read PDF files but prefer not to write and edit in Acrobat PDF format, and request that clients send .txt versions of all PDF files.

I use “Track Changes” and “Comments” features during the editing process.

I do NOT do graphic design or layout, cannot insert pictures or graphics, and do not do html coding.

If this is not acceptable – Houston, we have a problem…and you may need another copywriter.

I'm a word wizard, not a techno-wizard and am virtually useless when it comes to solving hardware/software problems. Please don't challenge me.


As an aid in getting to know my clients, I’ve a handy, dandy Client Questionnaire. Some of the items may apply to your project; some may not.

You'll be asked to answer any questions you think are meaningful by simply entering your response on the form and returning it to me as an email attachment.


When I come onboard, it will be the perfect time to make available any existing materials that you think will help me with your assignment -- the product itself (if appropriate), sales letters, press releases, etc.

Don't be shy! The more I know about you, the easier it will be for me to get the work right the first time around.


50% is due initially as a deposit and the final 50% is due when revisions are submitted.

Payments may be made through PayPal.


A first draft and revision are included in my fee. I hope that you’ll be in touch with me regarding revisions within 3 business days after receiving a draft.

Requests for revisions made more than 1 week after I submit materials will be charged at $35-$50 per revision, unless other specific arrangements have been made. Failure to communicate within 5 business days of any correspondence (unless previously arranged) will be viewed as a material breach of our contract.

  Contact us at (212) 663-8864

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