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People Are Talking…Creative Blocks

Debbie's much too modest to sing her own praises (she's also much too tone-deaf). Instead, she's invited a chorus of satisfied clients to raise their voices on her behalf.

"Because of your press release I have interviewed on CNN, the Associated Press and several local radio stations in the Los Angeles area.”

"Truly excellent work from one of the best writers I have found. Shows excellent creativity and delivered documents that were just what I needed "
(NWC Ad Club/UK)

"100% Satisfaction. No revisions needed, work was perfect and added to our website the same day"
(Find Vacation

"One of the best experiences I have ever had with a vendor. Debbie's writing was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Thanks for exceeding our expectations!"
(Alliance Coaching Group)

"It's been a pleasure working with this talented lady. Debbie makes the whole process so easy. The sales letters were a work of art."
(Paradox Alarm Systems)

“The first time we worked with Debbie and she got it on the first try”
(Poppycock Snacks)

“The website has been active for 3 years and had its best month ever after using Debbie’s sales letter”
(Police Exam Ebook)

"I got 372 new clients for a total of $13,720.00. A year ago I thought that you were a genius, but now I'm sure of it."

"After reading the sales copy Debbie provided me, I only had one word come to mind...WOW! If you want high quality, professional work worth every penny that you pay, then look no further"
(eBay and Beyond" e-book)

"Debbie was able to breathe life into web copy that was previously in 'critical condition.' Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality craftsmanship of the written word."
(Taltos Web Consultants)

“Creative and Dedicated! The pleasure was all mine.”

“Debbie is worth every penny and a whole lot more. She brings pizzazz, energy, and professionalism to the project."
(TRL Ventures)

"A+. Debbie is an incredible writer. And talk about fast! Debbie's response contained several brilliant ideas that she came up within minutes of posting our project. Her enthusiasm is contagious."
(Gifts For

"Not only did she provide me with the work ahead of time, but she delivered exactly what I was hoping for: a truly interesting article. She has a very unique style, she is absolutely professional, plus she is the nicest."
(Translations Magazine)

"Debbie did an excellent job as always! She decided on the tone of the articles, which fit my website perfectly! She even finished her work sooner than she promised."

"Debbie hit upon the exact balance of style and precision needed to pull off an extremely difficult and delicate promotional writing project for a sophisticated market. She handled all of my specs, including technical and even philosophical aspects brilliantly (plus a great sense of humor at no extra charge!"
(Conscious Sound Recording)

"Debbie had the ability to read my mind from the outline I gave her and the finished product needed no changes. Incredible!"
(Dr. Jeff Hockings "Motivation for Business" eBook)

“Fun, very creative, dependable. We are so happy with this project that we are working on other books with Debbie.”
(Dog Names eBook, Animal Institute of Columbus)

"Debbie was friendly, professional, helpful and threw herself into the job as if she were an owner of the company."
(High Profile Publishing)

"Debbie was a very quick study and it took very little effort on my part for her to get inside my head with respect to the project. I received exceptional value for what I paid—and I never looked back."

"Give her an assignment and she's like ''white on rice'' - sticks to it and gets it done."

"Great copywriting, coupled with outstanding service, and absolutely delightful to work with too!"

"Debbie is a professional with a human touch. I cannot rate her highly enough for those who may be considering using her on a project - I think she is the best possible choice available for quality, compelling results."

"I could go on all day about Debbie's skills. Simply put - she's one of the best"
(Wildcard Communications)

"???" -- (Your Name Here)

What will YOU say after Debbie works her magic for you?

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