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Please note that a "valued added" bonus package of high energy, enthusiasm, and gentle good humor is included FREE with every job.

Web Content

Accessible, reader-friendly content that can tell your story, sell your product or promote your service. Keyword-rich and SEO content so powerful it can attract search engines and hold site visitors

Press Releases

A topical, timely spin on your story that makes editors and consumers sit up and take notice. Complete with headlines that can't be ignored!


"Salesmanship in print," with an unmistakable "what's in it for you" focus and a "Read Me Now" urgency.

Sales Letters and Faxes

Sensational headlines, benefit-driven bulletpoints, an irresistible call-to-action, and a P.S. that nails the sales

Company Name and/or Unique Positioning Statements

Your business "distilled" to its essential, unforgettable essence. Innovative creativity at the highest level (includes domain name research)

Product Descriptions

Emotionally compelling word pictures that burrow into a consumer's mind and just can't be forgotten


Messages they'll open with pleasure and read with genuine interest and enjoyment (including magnetic subject lines)

Infotainment Newsletters

Fun-facts, factoids, humor, and all the news that's fit to print on ANY subject

Sales-Oriented Newsletters

Specially crafted to rocket your sales through the roof! (Includes research)

Ebooks and Articles

Concept development, research, and writing/ghostwriting for "best sellers" on any topic from "A to Z", from "A Web Marketer's Guide to Domain Names" to "Zee Best Name For Your French Poodle."


We'll put words in our mouth: motivational, inspirational, heartfelt, or humorous. Your words will be carefully crafted so they're easy to give…and even easier to receive.

The Bottom Line

Sorry, Creative Blocks does not have a printed "price list." This isn't an auto repair and parts shop, it's a creative copywriting service. Each project is unique, each client is unique, and fees are based on the unique demands of the assignment.

But here's something I think you'll like: when you get a quote from Creative Blocks, it's written in stone. (Like I said, we're not an auto repair shop) After discussing the specifics of your project, I'll tell you what the job is going to cost you…and that's that.

There are never any surprises, add-ons, extras, or bizarre "hidden costs."

  Contact us at (212) 663-8864

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