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Who Is Debbie Feldstein...
and How Did She Get So Damned Good?

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Who Is Debbie FeldsteinCreative Blocks

A blatantly self-congratulatory look at
the woman who puts the "creative" in Creative Blocks

Unlike most freelance writers with backgrounds as novelists and journalists, Debbie Feldstein spent two, count 'em 2, decades as a respected industry executive before "going creative." This unique background gives Debbie a solid understanding of the needs of businesses, "including a firm devotion to a healthy bottom line," she says.
Debbie is a multi-talented whirlwind...a Tasmanian Devil who works dawn to dusk (and beyond) for clients in a wide range of industries, producing a full menu of "top shelf" copywriting from strictly business to purely inventive.

And the Emmy Goes To...

Debbie spent more than a decade in charge of corporate communications for the New York office of the Emmy Awards. As well as providing content to the organization's website, "I authored newsletter articles, and all of the organization's awards and membership outreach efforts, in addition to press releases, feature articles, annual reports, and announcement flyers," she says in one long-winded breath.

"I was fortune to work closely celebrity authors and volunteer contributors," Debbie continues. "It gave me the ability to write in many styles and to mirror many voices," although she admits she is still unable to speak in tongues.

Scripts for Emmy Awards ceremonies, press conferences, and other activities provided an exciting outlet for Debbie's creative writing. Her greatest challenge came in the late 1990's when Emmy Awards host Soupy Sales fell from the stage and was rushed away by ambulance. "Imagine my surprise to find myself backstage, re-crafting the ceremony's continuity as the show continued to unfold before the cameras without interruption," she recalls with a self-satisfied smile. (Oh the ego!)

Birth of the Blocks

Debbie's devotion to the people of the television industry remained rock-solid through the years, but her enthusiasm for her job "was becoming more fluid," she says cryptically. It was time for a change...a change for the creative.

Creative Blocks was born at the turn of the 21st Century when "I decided to devote more energy to writing and less energy to the parry-and-thrust of non-profit administration," says Debbie. In her new incarnation, she provides a broad spectrum of services to a colorful list of clients.

Debbie's online success stories light up the Internet at the dot-com addresses of upscale jewelry stores, "grass roots" craft cooperatives, men's skincare manufacturers, security consultants, alternative health and lifestyle products, politically themed gift stores, a personal messaging device for doctors, web design companies, custom embroidery firms, eBooks, and everything else under the sun.

Her sales copywriting is distinguished by an alchemy that transforms readers into consumers eager to "buy now;" her non-sales writing is known for its mind-boggling creativity, gentle good humor, and reader-friendly style. All of her work is known for its timely delivery and superior quality.

The International Language of Excellence

If there were such a thing as "Business Esperanto," Debbie would be a master of the language. She is uniquely gifted at communicating with people from around the world and is highly sensitized to cultural differences and nuances.

Debbie specializes in serving individuals for whom English is a second language, and her �United Nations� of clients includes a Thai jewelry manufacturer, a Slovene IT consultant, a Russian fabric importer, and a P.R. professional from Israel. Debbie loves the diversity of her clients, and her clients love her attention to their details and adherence to their deadlines.

For Debbie, "How To" Is A "Can Do"

An accomplished creative writer, Debbie has written and ghosted how-to manuals, eBooks and feature articles on landscaping, cigar etiquette, smoking addiction, health and diet, naming your cat or dog, dating, and time management, as well as children's books and stories. She has a flair for lively and informative copy, with research skills that ensure her work is filled with facts and factoids for a true one-of-a-kind treatment of a subject.

In the non-cyber world, Debbie's press releases have heralded the arrival of books and websites, announced a client's participation in a NATO testing exercise, and made news out of licensing agreements, new product lines and a pet store owner's issues with Madison Avenue. She's created brochures, sales flyers, print ad copy, greeting card content, product descriptions, artist bios, and put words into the mouths of celebrities and super-achievers, writing acceptance speeches and motivational remarks.

School Daze

Debbie earned her undergraduate degree in "English for Secondary Education," so she has a schoolmarm's sharp eye for spotting errors. BUT...she holds an advanced degree in "Writing for the Real World" earned during her long career, so she has a soft touch when it comes to preserving an author's unique style plus the insight to know when it's more important to be clear than to be grammatically correct.

Although charmingly long-winded by nature, Debbie is particularly proud of her ability to say less with more, as evidenced in more than a dozens of high-impact positioning statements, company names, and product descriptions. And when it comes to keywords, she knows just what to do to unlock search engines.

To Know Her Is To Love Her

The self-proclaimed "block head" at Creative Blocks is as rich in compliments for her client-friendly attitude and ethical business practices as she is for our reliably effective copy.

Warm and outgoing, Debbie brings a light and upbeat approach to her work. Quoting one of her great inspirations -- Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy -- Debbie says, "Life is too short not to live it up a little." She doesn't have to work at being charming, it comes quite naturally. Says a client: "I was particularly drawn to her colorful and lively use of words in all of her communications, which tells me she actually thinks like that in real time." Says another: "Even her emails are a joy to receive."

Debbie assimilates new information easily and edits effectively regardless of content. Learning about different industries is an exciting challenge that she considers part of her professional enrichment and an important element of her full-service approach to clients.

Debbie especially enjoys meeting with clients to pick their brains, soaking up new facts and factoids like a sponge. She would love to be a know-it-all and is the living proof at cocktail parties and social gatherings that "a little knowledge is a dangerous (not to mention potentially room-emptying) thing."

When she really wants to win the Battle for Assignments, Debbie turns to her big guns...the most powerful weapon she has in her arsenal for the Bidding Wars...the positive feedback she's earned for her past work.

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(Don't worry�they're all in English)

We could go on (and we would if we weren't so exhausted by the weight of our own ponderous rhetoric), but let's cut to the chase: in a nutshell, Debbie is willing to do whatever it takes � short of murder, espionage, and karaoke � to ensure that every job is a job well done.

She's waiting to add your name to her list of satisfied clients! (And please don't keep her waiting too long. When she's got too much time on her hands�bad things happen.)

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Hey What About When She's Not Working?

When not focused on furthering her clients' success, Debbie devotes herself to her twin passions: amateur competitive ballroom dancing and all things chocolate.

(It should be noted that assignments from clients who provide compensation plans that include candy, cake, and/or cookies -- in addition to traditional cold, hard American moolah -- will be given priority status)

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