D E B B I E    F E L D S T E I N

Debbie says:
"I've been doing this for years"

I specialize in the creation of irresistible copy. My passion and expertise lie in the fields of small business marketing and health/wellness subjects. Unsurpassed research skills enable me to become an "instant expert" on virtually any topic.

My background includes more than a decade as a corporate executive for the New York office of the Emmy Awards. My tenure there gives me a top-down business perspective that few freelance writers can offer.

Businesses boom thanks to my online sales letters, autoresponders, advertorials and press releases, and social media posts that generate inquiries, customers, and profits. I tame complex subjects so they become accessible to all. I write in a friendly tone with simple language that consumers find readable...with effective sales prompts.

I'm not all-sales-all-the-time, however. I am also a prolific ghostwriter/writer with 100+ informative ebooks in my portfolio, as well as thousands of editorial "think pieces," articles, and thoughtful blog posts.

In short: I will do whatever it takes - short of murder, espionage, and karaoke - to ensure your satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing Support Services
If you want more...

  • A marketing PLAN for your product, rather than just a sales page;
  • A STRATEGY for an autoresponder series, rather than simply turning notes into messages
  • An ebook CAMPAIGN, rather than simply write your sales letter

...I can do that!

I coach entrepreneurs and independent contractors on promoting their products/services profitably.